If you are considering becoming a member of MSAA, please note that membership is individual only, not tied to any organization. Membership responsibilities include:

  • Attendance and active participation in scheduled meetings, either in person or via telephone.
  • Participation in committee activities is expected.
  • Utilization of MSAAs resources to promote stroke prevention and optimize stroke care.
  • A voting member of the MSAA is a member in good standing, which is defined as:
    • Current on annual dues
    • Attendance (in phone or person) at 3 of the last 4 meetings in prior calendar year

All members of MSAA must act in the best interests of the Alliance. No member should use any information shared, including the directory/contact list, for any personal gain or in any manner that would constitute a conflict of interest or is contrary to the bylaws and the intent of the Midwest Stroke Action Alliance. Any member who is found to not have complied will be subject to loss of their membership in the Midwest Stroke Action Alliance as well as dues paid to date.

It is important that MSAA members consider confidentially in their actions.

    • All sensitive or protected information discussed at meetings is to be held strictly confidential.
    • At no time will members use information shared within the scope of this collaborative to harm, threaten, or discredit another organization (including non-members).
    • Improved patient outcomes and treatment and systems of care throughout the region are paramount.
    • Failure to comply with this confidentiality clause may result in the exclusion of the member from the Midwest Stroke Action Alliance.

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