About Us

About Us:

The Midwest Stroke Action Alliance  (MSAA) is a group of healthcare professionals passionate about improving stroke care in our area. MSAA meets four times per year, with additional committee work and events throughout the year. Meetings are held in a central location in relation to the city of Chicago, with a telephone conference call as an option.

Our Mission:

Reducing the risk and burden of stroke by utilizing evidenced based practice, increasing stroke awareness in the broader community and providing a strong united voice for stroke advocacy.

Strategic goals to carry out our mission:

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MSAA has three main committees that support our activities. These include:


  • Position open to nurse or industry member.
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  • Promote evidenced-based practice.
  • Present best practices at meetings.
  • Support clinical research opportunities.
  • Collaborate with Professional Growth/Networking  chair on MSAA abstract submission
  • Bench-marking data:
    • Develop Get with the Guidelines (GWTG) aggregate data by EMS region
    • Collect and analyze data for the MSAA committee to advance the needs of the organization.
    • Utilize data to direct the efforts of MSAA towards professional education, community education and improvement of quality health care for the stroke patient population.



  • Position open to nurse member.Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 2.42.53 PM
  • Chair annual Fall Symposium. Establish planning committee for topics, speakers, agenda, site, accreditation, vendors, publicity, registration, meals, and handouts.
  • Organize annual community program during Stroke Awareness  month (May).
  • Promote Stroke Certification.
  • Consider development of a group to assist and support in other personal certifications such as CNRN.         


  • Position open to nurse member.Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 2.42.48 PM
  • Coordinate two dinners per year for the purpose of networking, marketing of MSAA, and educational hours (in collaboration with Education).
  • Recruit MSAA members to speak at professional conferences such as AACN, ISAPN, AHA, ASA, ISC, etc.
  • Collaborate with Quality Chair to identify a topic for  MSAA abstract submission for International Stroke Conference.
  • Submit applications to AHA for grants.
  • Facilitate MSAA involvement in Stroke Alert Day in May.
  • Assist in identification of fundraising opportunities.     


MSAA Board Members    

Chair – Minna Masor ([email protected])

 Vice Chair – Ryan Kieler ([email protected])

Treasurer- Lynn Klassman ([email protected])

              Professional Growth & Networking: Sarah Strzalka ([email protected])

Quality: Joy Rainey ([email protected])

                           Secretary: Paula de la Pena ([email protected])